55º Anual Meeting of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)

From August 28 to September 1, we had the incredible opportunity to participate in the 55th Annual Congress of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) held in Tokyo, capital of the country of the rising sun.

There, almost 500 lawyers from around the world had the opportunity to share experiences and expand their knowledge on the main topic of the conference “Artificial intelligence and Big Data” and the implications of its use in many sectors, including the development of professional services and law firms.For four days, AIJA’s 20 scientific commissions focused their work sessions and workshops on these issues from different legal points of view, from human rights to tax laws.

The conclusion of the congress was clear. An endless number of changes arising from the automation of robotized processes and tasks are imminently coming, which will likewise imply new situations and problems that will require new approaches and solutions to be discovered by professionals in the legal profession.

We are aware that all this technological progress and in particular IA and Big Data are changing the world of business, the legal landscape and our way of relating to the Judicial Administration and customers.

From Navarro Llima we want to continue giving our clients the best service adapting to the circumstances that technological development demands and anticipating any challenge and possibility that the IA ​​provides us.

In the social area we had the opportunity to share experiences and expand our network of law firms around the world, in short an enriching experience that we will undoubtedly use to continue striving to provide better and more complete legal services for our clients and friends.

Navarro Llima Abogados.


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