Ciclo Oportunidades Japón Navarro Llima Abogados Zaragoza Go Aragon

Jaime J. Navarro at the Asia Japan Opportunity Series

Last Wednesday, our CEO and lawyer Jaime J. Navarro attended and was a speaker at the Cycle of Conferences on Asian Opportunities (Japan), organised by the newspaper Go Aragon and held in the Xplora Space of Ibercaja (Zaragoza).

The objective of this second cycle was to present the Japanese market and the business realities in which it is involved on the economic and legal cultural plate.

Below, from Navarro Llima Abogados we are going to highlight some of the most interesting details of each of the presentations, so that you also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the Japanese business market.

Economic analysis of Japan by Julio Diaz Teran

After José Ignacio Toro (head of Foreign Trade and Commercial Development at Ibercaja) had started the cycle, Mr. Julio Díaz-Terán, economist at the Japanese Embassy in Spain, gave us details of Japan’s economic prospects.

He gave us a very hopeful future, since the growth forecasts for these years are above 1%, which implies a great possibility of emerging from the cycle of deflation and stagnation that has dominated the economy of this country for many years.

It is also worth highlighting the great opportunity that investment in the supply chain in this country represents at the moment, putting it ahead of China.

Ciclo Oportunidades Japón Navarro Llima Abogados Zaragoza Go Aragon

Analysis of Japan’s business culture by Mario Malo

After the first intervention, we could then listen to Dr. Mario Malo (professor in the Master of Global East Asian Studies at the UAB) who introduced us to the business world, but from a much more socio-cultural perspective. A point to consider because the Spanish society has other elements to communicate different from the Japanese and it is very important to show respect for their culture when doing business in these Asian countries.

The Japanese business system is still based on primogeniture as a way of relating within the company, which means that the most valued elements are loyalty (professional career within the company) and a great dedication to work. Where work is always done for the common good.

Ciclo Oportunidades Japón Navarro Llima Abogados Zaragoza Go Aragon

Análisis de las oportunidades empresariales por Jaime J. Navarro

Finally, our CEO and lawyer of Navarro Llima Abogados, due to the extensive work experience he has both internationally and specifically in Japan, presents the business reality of the Japanese country.

Ciclo Oportunidades Japón Navarro Llima Abogados Zaragoza Go Aragon

To do so, he began by presenting the project of the newly created company Levante K.K., to continue with practical explanations about the Japanese market, which companies can find in this market an important commercial development as well as certain aspects to take into account to try to carry out a successful project with Japan, such as the need to offer products and services of high added value and high quality to the Japanese public, the competition that exists in this market, the need for a local partner and the medium/long term of the projects.

Then, he also detailed some of the sectors that Jaime J. Navarro believes may have greater business opportunities, among which gastronomy, tourism, sport, etc. stand out.

Ciclo Oportunidades Japón Navarro Llima Abogados Zaragoza Go Aragon

Fuente: Go Aragon

It was a very productive day, which introduced us to a country that for many of those present until now was quite unfamiliar.


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