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Rusell Bedford International

Navarro Llima Abogados S.L. It is an international law firm.

We regularly advise and represent the interests of companies and entrepreneurs in their operations abroad, as well as the interests in Spain of foreign companies.

With this aim, we are members of RUSSELL BEDFORD INTERNATIONAL, a global network of independent auditing firms, tax advisors and legal services, with approximately 700 members, a total staff of more than 6,000 people and 300 offices in more than 100 countries.

Whether it is to ensure the first steps of an internationalization process such as the establishment of a company or a production plant in the country of destination, we can help you to develop your internationalization process with the maximum possible legal security.

Undoubtedly, this work would not be possible without having a local reference office, a true expert in the country of destination. Our firm performs this function thanks to its membership in the RUSSELL BEDFORD INTERNATIONAL dispatch network.

Whatever the country of destination, we have a trusted person that we know well, which can not only avoid undesirable surprises but also
which also ensures a good service. All members belonging to the network have been reviewed and analyzed prior to their inclusion, to ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality in the provision of professional services.

Russell Bedford International

Nichiza Japan Desk

To attend the Internationalization Projects directed to the Japanese Market, as well as to assist the development of projects in Spain by Japanese businessmen and companies, we have a Japan Desk specialized in the matter, attended by Japanese support staff permanently.

From NICHIZA, our Japan Desk, loans an almost exclusive service throughout the national territory, having performed services for some of the most important Japanese companies.

In addition, we invest work and efforts in the promotion of the economic-cultural relations of both countries, especially given our specialty through the publication of works and legal books.

NICHIZA provides comprehensive advisory services for the company in its relationships Japan-European Union.

This global conception, applied to the world of the company, opens infinite opportunities for business and collaboration.

Japan is the door of Asia. If the physical distances no longer exist, overcome the sociological, linguistic, cultural, legal or any other barriers and enter this wonderful continent with our help.

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