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The challenge of social agreements is provided for in articles 204 to 208 of the Capital Companies Act. From 1% of the share capital, the partner or partners can challenge the resolutions of the board of directors. Likewise, they may challenge the corporate resolutions adopted...

Nowadays, the limited company is the most successful form of company in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. It is a societal modality with a marked family character wherein the partners tend to have an important role within the company, being able to limit with...

Today we are going to analyze an issue with which frequently the shareholders of a limited company must deal in their day to day business.In the first months of a society's life, relations between shareholders and administrators flow easily. Nevertheless, over time, situations such as...

Companies need some rules that govern the operation of the same:  from the company purpose or the share capital to the way to choose the administrators or those referred to the decision making process in General Assembly. The classic rule which has the purpose of fulfill...

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